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How big is the hall (in meters)?    
Answer:  17M x 6M

How many people can be comfortably sat in the hall (eg meeting)?
Answer:  100 seated for Panto eg. With stage

How many people can be comfortably sat in the hall for a meal?
Answer:  Licence is for 118, but 90 comfortably

What is the maximum number of people – not necessarily sitting (insurance)?
Answer:  Licence is for 200 – but that is a little tight

How big is the modular stage?
Answer:  15 square metres (modules of 1 square metre) link in any formation, separate step unit attaches. Separate cost if erected/dismantled by committee

Is there a `finish’ time?
Answer:  Midnight – plus some quiet time for clearing up.

Can a band be accommodated?
Answer:  Yes, but we ask for consideration to local residents (more so if windows and doors are opened.

Is there a licence for selling alcohol?
Answer:  The Hall has it’s own licence to sell alcohol. For this facility, the Committee would probably need to be involved. However, any hirer can pay and get their own licence as a `one-off’.

What if the alcohol was not `sold’ but free?
Answer:  No problem, there would not be any need for any licence.

What happens about breakages (glass, crockery)?
Answer:  Each hirer is asked to complete a simple `Exit Check-List’, there is a space on that form to report damage. The Hall may make a charge to cover replacement items.

Why is a breakage deposit required?
Answer:  The Breakage Deposit is to cover Breakage or Damage caused by the hirer. It may also be required to cover any cost of cleaning, not carried out by the hirer.

Do the windows open?
Answer:  Yes, there is a window key, and hirer’s are asked to shut AND lock the windows when exiting.

Who do I contact, in case of an emergency during the booking?
Answer:  A Quotation is sent to the hirer, on the front page, there will be 2 names & telephone numbers. For use in an emergency.

What about the rubbish, I may generate (bottles etc)?
Answer:  Whilst there is a bin in the kitchen for minor items, hirers are asked to arrange removal of all waste, including empty bottles and dispose accordingly. There is a bottle recycling facility in the car park behind the Selborne Arms.

Can I show a film?
Answer:  No problem with slides and films personally recorded. Films, as in mainstream DVD’s require a Licence - hires are asked to check with committee to see if a current licence is in force.

Can we have MP3 music?
Answer:  Yes, the hall carries a full PRS/PPL Performing Rights Licence.

How does the stage lighting work?
Answer:  Hirers not familiar with stage lighting controls should be advised by the Hall’s Audio/Visual Manager (see contact list).

How `clean and tidy’ do I leave the hall after use?
Answer:  At least as TIDY as found please.